Tony Young


Tony (Toneboy) Young – Piano & Guitar – Gerry & The Pacemakers.

After winning “Battle of the Bands” in the early eighties with white reggae band “The Second”. Tony thought that it could be a good career move to quit a secure job and a place at Trent Polytechnic but decided to go ‘Tee Total’ and join the sixties circuit!

Anyway the damage had been done and with Steve Thompson went on to form the “Sincere Americans”. Whilst taking on the job of lead vocals with this soul, funk, rock outfit, Tony and the band became management bedfellows with Curiosity Killed the Cat and T’pau for sometime until the inevitable split emerged in 1988.

There comes a time when the mortgage has to be paid so Tony became a backing musician for such celebrated artistes such as Billy .J. Kramer, Brian Poole and PJ Proby. For Fourteen years now, Tony has played piano for Gerry and the Pacemakers enjoying many tours overseas including the States, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. In his spare time he has done a number of BBC sessions for hit duo “Alicia’s Attic” and the odd jingle.

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